Cloud Application Development

Anyone who has ever wondered how to start the “journey into the cloud” and was facing a huge mountain of question marks (“What services do I need?”, “How do I design my solution so that it scales on Azure under load?” , “Which database should I use? ” etc.), and which has not disappeared quickly, I recommend the following Microsoft Virtual Academy course:

Cloud Application Development

The course of Colim Dembovsky and Steven Borg takes only a few hours and deals with many, many topics needed for a modern application and its operation in the cloud:

  • Web and API apps
  • Mobile / Xamarin
  • SQL Server
  • Redis Cache
  • DocumentDB / CosmosDB
  • Search
  • Container
  • DevOps
  • …and much more

Of course, the course does not go too deeply into all of the topics, but you get an extensive insight into the services and problems that you will encounter when designing a cloud solution.

In addition to this video, there are extensive accompanying materials, which can be downloaded from the MVA. It also refers to a GitHub repository with a corresponding example application. A huge package of information and a perfect start to a cloud solution 🙂

Have fun with it!

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